What is the Leadership Oklahoma Adult Program?

It is an annual educational, issues-oriented ten-month class program. Monthly two-day sessions are held in various communities throughout the state. Each year approximately 50 Oklahoma leaders who represent a wide geographic base and who have diverse backgrounds and vocations are selected to participate. Each class is exposed to the many social and environmental complexities of the state in order to stimulate inquiry, analysis and independent development of solutions for the public good. Based on the interaction and respect developed during the class year, a living network is formed – a network capable of identifying, evaluating and implementing projects of value to the people of Oklahoma.

What happens during a class day?

Using hands-on experiences, sessions may include tours, role-playing, panel presentations, videos, lectures, games, question and answer sessions and other activities and opportunities. Our nine sessions include an opening retreat followed by eight issues-focused sessions. The opening retreat is organized to develop a high comfort level among class members by stressing team building, collaboration and leadership styles.

Then, each month, a two-day class session will focus on the major issues facing our state such as health, energy, education, environment, state government, military issues, tribal government, transportation, agriculture, economic development, human services, criminal justice system and others. Each session has a variety of activities incorporating leading experts, small group and panel discussions, tours, presentations, scenarios, etc.

When are the sessions?

The two day class sessions are August through April. Each month will be at different locations throughout the state. Please refer to the current application for specific dates.

What are the benefits to class members?

Knowledge, Perspectives, Community Involvement

Based on its mission, “To create, inspire and support a dynamic network of leaders whose increased awareness and commitment to service will energize Oklahomans to shape Oklahoma’s future,” each person in the program will learn about the challenges and issues within our state. Leadership Oklahoma is of the belief that knowledge is a key element and prime motivator of leadership. Regardless of expertise, you will increase your knowledge and engage in new perspectives of the issues. People from all backgrounds including business, education, government, non-profit, finance, health, utility, and elected officials will be in your class to learn from each other. You will encounter opposing perspectives in a friendly manner because of the mutual respect established with each other. Comparisons of pre and post-class surveys from graduates of the program indicate significant increases in awareness, commitment and involvement.

Who is eligible to apply?

Leadership Oklahoma is open to all interested Oklahoma residents, 21 years old or older, and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion or national origin. Participants are selected based on ability, demonstrated leadership, interest in their community and insight for effective leadership. The application process is designed to ensure a class that consists of members from diverse backgrounds, experiences and geographical locations. Approximately fifty participants are chosen annually. Click HERE to download an application with Session Dates identified on page 1.

How much does the class cost?

Tuition for the program is $3,200.00, which covers all program costs, materials, meals and on-site transportation. Participants must furnish and pay for their own transportation to each session and lodging except for lodging for the Opening Retreat (double occupancy lodging is covered by tuition during the Opening Retreat). Many businesses or organizations pay all or some of the costs for class members from their organization.

Is financial assistance available?

Partial financial assistance and extended terms are available on a limited basis. Most scholarships fall between $500 and $2,400. Please know that LOK may not be able to provide the full amount requested but will work diligently with you to create an affordable payment plan. Please complete all elements of the tuition assistance form by March 31, 2017. This application should be completed following the submission of your Class 31 program application. Click HERE to access the tuition assistance form. Requests for financial assistance will be considered on the basis of demonstrated need. If an applicant wishes to apply for financial assistance, they must submit a written request at the time their application is submitted. The request must indicate the amount needed and the reason for the request. Applicants should understand if they apply for financial assistance, they may be required to submit personal financial information. Acceptance into the program is not a guarantee of financial assistance.

Are there attendance requirements?

The two day Retreat is mandatory. No portion of the retreat can be missed. This session is the foundation for the other sessions to build on. Through various activities, relationships are built and a mutual respect is established.

Regular Class Sessions

The remaining 8 sessions will be held at different locations throughout the state. Agendas with exact locations and maps will be sent to you each month before each session. Absence from more than one full session (or the accumulation of partial sessions that equals one full session) will make the participant ineligible to graduate.

Optional Activities

Optional activities will be available for most program sessions on the day prior to the start of the session. Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory at the optional activities.

How have others balanced the time commitment with their families and work?

This program is a huge time commitment and requires you to first, want to be there, and second, commit to experiencing this “once in a lifetime” opportunity. We promise you will never experience this type of program through any other organization. We have had bankers, physicians, elected officials, superintendents, business owners, CEO’s, government employees, mothers/fathers; all who had decided this program was important and carved out the time necessary to graduate. Although spouses or significant others are not included in meetings or overnight sessions, except for the Orientation, their support is important in determining whether or not this program is right for you at the time. There are social and other activities outside of the class sessions where they are included.