The Year of the Mask….

Who could have ever guessed the significance of having a Leadership Oklahoma mask on the cover of our 2020-2021 directory? These are strange and difficult times. Our world, and our state have been through many challenges in the past year – and the upcoming year promises to be equally challenging.

Much is asked of us during tough times. We need to be smart, patient and kind – and we need strong, reliable, informed and caring leaders.

I have been a proud graduate of Leadership Oklahoma for many years. Probably like you, I had a wonderful class experience and I have long appreciated the network of friends and the association LOK has given me with community, corporate and political leaders across this state.  However, I have never been prouder of this organization than I have been over the past six months.

Leadership Oklahoma has kept the safety of participants in our adult and youth programs, as well as alumni membership programs, a top priority, while continuing to educate and inspire.  Under the direction of President and CEO Dr. Marion Paden and last year’s Chair Scott Stidham, this huge organization with many moving parts has learned to pivot and adapt quickly to a new world. Special class sessions, member briefings, and social events – all held virtually – helped bring the outside world to us at a time when we needed information, fellowship and yes – LEADERSHIP.

I saw a plaque recently that read, “Tough Times Don’t Last – Tough People Do.” We have tough, resilient and innovative people in Leadership Oklahoma. I look forward to what we can do in the coming year to help our state survive this health pandemic and economic crisis, and to actively engage in dialogue to change the culture in regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Leadership Oklahoma exists for times like these and we are dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities to build knowledge, share information, create connections and shape Oklahoma’s future – vital undertakings that none of us can achieve alone.

Serving others is leadership in action. Thank you for what you do for your communities, churches, civic clubs, schools, families – and for Oklahoma. Also, thank you for providing your time, financial resources and expertise to continue to make Leadership Oklahoma one of the most vibrant, effective, and important organizations in our state.


Lana Reynolds
Chair 2020 – 2021
Class XVII and Lifetime Member